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In 2005, three friends meet at a jazz workshop in Poland and later found their first jazz band together in Berlin. The tktrio, which at that time still mainly consisted of teenage students, played concerts in Berlin jazz clubs and concert halls in its founding year. However, the paths quickly get lost. Their studies and other circumstances bring the young band apart at an early age. But what remains is the memory of a common sound, of the youthful dynamics and harmony that united the musicians at that time.


10 years and 1,000 lucky coincidences later all band members finally land in Northern Germany. And so since 2017 the tktrio has been drawing on the energy of the Berlin era to create a new sound – virtuoso piano trio music, always with a focus on the melodic overall impression, in which not the individual band members but rather the unmistakable band sound stands out.


tktrio: Tomasz Kowalczyk (piano), Felix Behrendt (double bass), Janosch Pangritz (drums)

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"Unser Konzertsaal war innerhalb weniger Stunden bis zum letzten Platz ausverkauft:

Das TKTRIO hat unser Publikum beim Release Konzert der neuen CD „changing perceptions“ von der allerersten bis zur letzten Minute uneingeschränkt in den Bann gezogen.

Jeder einzelne Musiker überzeugt mit enormer Intensität als Einheit für das große Ganze und erhält gleichzeitig seine individuelle Ausdruckskraft.

Beeindruckend, wie die melodiöse und virtuose Klaviertriomusik auch Jazz-Neulinge begeistert hat.

Fast noch Geheimtipp - Jederzeit gerne wieder!!!"

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